Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Single tracks and potholing

This post is two days later than I had planned, entirely due to better weather and the need to visit Tobermory to a garage to get Land Rover wheels sorted out. They are alloys and have a tendency to leak air slowly out, this not helped by the state of some of the roads! The fix, we were advised, is to take the tyres off , daub the rims with sealant, refit the tyres and hope that that has solved the problem. We also managed to make a scheduled visit to the dentist for routine maintenance. In my case very necessary as I managed to dislodge a filling by biting on a prune stone. Today was spent gardening, in fact building our first raised bed and filling it with a layer of seaweed before we add the soil and compost mix. So the new garden construction has actually begun and no doubt will be reported on in future blogs.

We are well used to driving on single track roads but here it is a whole different experience. The passing places in the main are well placed so once you get realise that everyone else outside the holiday season is well practiced at into diving into passing places, so with nearly everyone obeying the rules driving becomes a relaxing past time. Not that you can afford to lose concentration, there are, even here, men with white vans hell bent on getting through whatever, sometimes justifiably, as they rush to make the last delivery before catching the last ferry to the mainland and the pot holes!

Mull tracks, sorry, roads are famous for pot holes. a couple of years ago it was said that there were over a thousand major potholes on the fifty mile long "main" road from Fionnphort in the south to Tobermory in the north. There are many stories of damage to suspensions, tyres being torn off etc.... Now thanks to a new road mending machine, shared with the nearby island of Islay, the roads are getting mended and now we have some long stretches of new tarmac. But when you are on un-repaired sections driving is a slalom not only avoiding pot holes but not venturing too far on to wet verges especially in the dark as they may actually not exist!

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