Sunday, 8 January 2012


Yesterday we managed another walk without getting soaked, just enough "atmospheric" in the atmosphere and a warm breeze to be comfortable. We walked along a path at the side of the Sound of Mull, a place were we can be sure to see some bird life. Yesterday was no exception with a variety of gulls, a cormorant or two drying wings, and the usual heron.

Now Mull is known for it's Sea Eagles, who it is said, generate about £7 million annually to the island economy. It is also an island of herons, all busily fishing any stretch of water or flying to and fro with their slow majestic flight, head tucked in and long legs trailing as they skim over the waves to the next fishing pitch. Ours are the grey heron, Ardea Cinrea according to our bird book which also describes their Kraaank -Kraaank call very accurately and also tells us that they nest in trees, this to me always sounds dangerous for a bird with long legs designed to stand in water. They occassionally alight on the top branch of a very tall Oak tree near our home, so the book must be right and who am I to disbelieve such an august tome. One of yesterday's herons had also read the book for he or she had abandoned fishing for the afternoon and was exploring the tree tops perhaps looking for a roost for the night.

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  1. Sounds Lovely Peter, I can picture the whole scene !!
    Mia Vella.


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