Thursday, 19 January 2012


This morning our friendly not so tame robin has finally decided the the mealworm pagoda is a great idea. As soon as I appear in the morning one cheeky robin flies onto the pagoda demanding that it is filled with mealworms. Nice to know that I got the design and dimensions correct so all is well in the robin world and I managed a photograph to prove it.

Today we are going to look for otters. We have been told that there is an otter holt on the small beach below the headland just a short walk from our house. Our informant says that he thinks there is a female with two kittens, so with care and weather permitting I might even get a photograph. Otters have so far been absent from our walks and we were beginning to feel that we are the only people on the island who they are avoiding so maybe our luck will change.

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