Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Moonlight and Custard

Moonlight and Custard


The last full moon was according to the media a “super moon” appearing larger in size and brightness than normal. This, those who know about these things informed us, was due to the moon being closer to the Earth than normal. All I can say is the “experts” have not been to the Isle of Mull. We do not have light pollution or smogs, just cold clear nights. Our moon always seems larger and brighter than I have experienced anywhere else on this planet. Not only is our moon brighter, starlit nights happen regularly, in fact, enough to prompt a passing interest in astronomy. I hasten to add only a quickly passing “wonder what that bright star is” as I make my way to bed.

As a child I was an avid custard eater and I remember getting a Cremola Custard badge with its Highlander looking at the man in the large moon. I cannot now remember why I received the badge, but ever since large full moons have been called “Creamola Custard” moons by me. Interestingly, the Creamola Custard factory was in Glasgow for many years, so maybe the recipes inventor was inspired by seeing a Hebridean moon as he made the very first custard mix. Sadly, Creamola Custard is no longer, as the Glasgow makers were bought up by one of the international heartless food giants in the 1950s. But!...Creamola Custard moons live on!

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  1. I live in Holland now but I remember the Creamola moons. We had one tonight and I had to explain what it was and found your Blog. Thanks fot the explanation and photo, By saving the coupons one could send away for the badge, I had one as well


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