Friday, 6 January 2012

Walking on the Loch side

Dare I say it but yesterday it did not rain and the wind took a rest from tearing down trees. Our neighbour has not only lost trees but his phone line pole and he is going to be off phone and broadband until next week! So we are experimenting to see if our wireless router can be picked up by him so a least get him back online. Sad really that we all "need" technology even on remote islands but our neighbour more so as he works from home.

We left all jobs and computer to go for a walk along the northern side of Loch Na Keal which about ten miles from here. The birds were all celebrating the sunshine so we saw herons, snipe, usual gulls and more canada geese than is good for the island, they really are taking over pastures near the lochs in many places. We met an man filling his trailer and truck with seaweed so stopped (as you do) for a chat and discussed the merits of seaweed compost which we have also been collecting. Life is a learning curve so it was useful to be told not to plant spuds in the seaweed as it will give them scab.

We drove home at twilight (1530ish!) to find a rather large disappointed stag mooching about our garden, he was disappointed as yet we have to plant it so little food for him but no doubt he was casing the joint. Wife P had a chat with him and shoo'ed him out of the neighbours gate the way he had come in. Checked with our other neighbours that they had no stags hiding in undergrowth and then all retired to our house for a wee dram to discuss the deer problem.


  1. Nice looking blog Peter.
    I reckon motion sensor lighting would scare off the deer at night - that just leaves the 10am to 2pm slot to find a solution for ;-)

  2. I think you need to train Amos to chase the deer out of the garden! Perhaps he could take the 10am to 2pm slot?


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