Saturday, 21 January 2012

What might have happened

The weather over the last couple of days has been an interesting mixture - Sunshine Yes - Rain Yes -Gales Yes - but not in that order! So many planned activities were "unplanned". Wife P and I were going to be community minded and join the village tidy up morning litter picking, but it was called off as lady organiser was at Oban on the mainland and the ferry that she was supposed top come over on was gale bound at our island end. Nevertherless public spirited wife P decided to carry on clearing some of the local beach but before long a neighbour dragged in her in for a coffee but by then it was raining again, this time horizontally just for a change!

Meanwhile I was sorting out the storage area for seaweed and manure, and as the photograph shows (The small box at the top!) put the first of a row of potato planters in position. The latter are boxes constucted from recycled fence panels made so that the the bottom section can planted first, and as soon as the shoots appear, the next section is dropped on and filled with a soil/compost mix, Then the final section and soil put as soon as shoots appear again. I am told by those who know, that each layer must be watered so I will experiment with water pipes at each level. The idea is that the boxes will be full of healthy potatoes and easy to harvest. We will see!

This blog was supposed to be about seeing the local otters but neither weather nor otters co-operated so that is still on my list to blog about. At the moment the small wee animals are Notters as far as I am concerned.


  1. I think the notters are absolute rotters for not showing up when you go to visit them. Good luck with the spuds. I will be expecting to see a bumper harvest after all that tlc!

  2. Came here via PM and love your photographs. We fail to grow potatoes and see otters up a hill in North Wales.

  3. Nothing against notters but I hope you'll offer something hotters in June. (Of course I only mean temperatures)


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