Friday, 10 February 2012

Throwing a shaving or two

Every day I try to get at least an hour or so "throwing shavings". No, I have not taken leave of my senses. It is practice time on my wood turning lathe with the idea that practice makes perfect and nothing is lost if it all goes wrong as mistakes go on the wood burning stove! The timber that I use is either branches from fallen trees, pieces of wood given by friends from a variety of sources, and occasional forays on the the Internet though I try to use Scottish timber from renewable forests where possible. Turning can be divided into two types. Spindle turning is between centres on the lathe and bowl turning using a chuck or face plate. A finished piece of course can be a combination of both techniques. So what have I made over the last two years since I took the plunge purchased a lathe and all the accoutrement's needed even for the most simple pieces. I could do a rather boring list which would go something like ...bowl-firewood-bowl-firewood... But perhaps I should be more positive. I have experimented with a few table lamps, candle and tea light holders, the inevitable bowl and even toilet roll holders but my hardest and I think most successful project has been the "rise and fall" light that is now illuminating our kitchen table. This project started when we had the idea to hang an "electrified" oil lamp over the kitchen table. We could not decide on the height above the table so to make it adjustable seemed a good idea. Many experiments and a good deal of firewood followed until the design of ceiling rose and counter weight were successful. The rose had to carry the transformer and the counter weight needed to be an accurate weight, this being the most difficult to achieve.
Eventually after final assembly of all the bits and testing the great day arrived and our friendly electrician helped fit it above the table, lo and behold there was light!


  1. Hello Peter, Just found your blog - very nice. Enjoyed reading about your walking stories, wood turning, and photos.

  2. Nice to know that it is being read and enjoyed


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