Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Walking in the Sunshine

This afternoon we went exploring again. This time a short easy walk to the "Duart View" on farm tracks. The views were stunning in the bright sunshine and even more enjoyable as the wind was but a gentle breeze (though a cold South Easterly). We could see up the Firth of Lorne beyond Lismore with its brilliant white lighthouse on the nearest point to us. About half way between Mull shore and the lighthouse is another white beacon. This tells shipping coming down the Sound of Mull to avoid its rock. The rock known as Lady Rock has a story with a nice twist about it. One of the Clan Chiefs at Duart Castle had a wife who could not produce him a son. This displeased him so without more ado, his retainers were ordered to take the lady out to the rock and tie her to it so that she would drown when the tide rose. This they did and she was left to die. BUT, a fisherman passing in his boat heard her cries which he thought were a bird. Imagine his surprise when he found they came from a beautiful lady. He rescued her, took her home and they lived happily ever after! Well that is one version! I think that the sheep had heard it before!

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