Thursday, 16 February 2012

Yet another Cairn

Continuing our exploration of the Lussa River we decided to visit the waterfalls below Torness. These are where the river is held back by a gorge with rocks at its upstream entrance. Leaving the Land Rover near some ruins on the old pilgrim road we looked for a footpath but found it was a stream hidden under the grass. Not being deterred by this we slithered and slimed our way down to the river. We were not only visiting the falls but looking for a cairn that is reputed to be where a local Loch Buie chieftain Eoghann A'Chinn, or for non Gaelic speakers, Ewen of the Little Head fell off his horse during a fight and died at the spot. At first no cairn was visible but the falls were. They were in full spate with water tumbling over the rocks and some spray in the air. We sat and admired the view in glorious warm sunshine. A perfect setting on a perfect afternoon! Though we were off the beaten track, man had intruded at sometime in the past for we found a rusty vertical ladder dropping some ten metres down a vertical rock face to a very private fishing or for the very hardy bathing place at the bottom of the water cascade. Needless to say we did not try either bathing or fishing! The Cairn? Yes, we found it on the way back up a different path.

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