Friday, 24 February 2012

Island Life

Island life can be a little frustrating at times. First it was the ferry on which we rely for supplies, our mail and the inevitable Amazon parcels. When we get a report that our ferry has hit the pier at Oban it is of more than passing interest. This time she was blown against the pier by a 70 knot gust and damaged her bow visor which meant that she was taken out of service for extensive repairs. A replacement ferry arrived to take over the run with the inevitable service disruption. Then there were the deer! Yes, in the garden again during the night. All gates were shut but the agile blighters managed to jump the cattle grid to get at our tasty emerging bulbs finishing off with a mouth full or two of bay tree leaves before checking out the compost bin but not bothering to put the lid back on. So next line of defence is side rails on the cattle grid. So the week goes on, the replacement ferry is in place, bulbs are sorted out, we have mild weather so snowdrops and crocuses are out. We need it to stop raining (about 7 inches has fallen in the last seven days!) so that we can get to work outside. It has been the wettest winter on record here but no snow, yet!!!

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