Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Highland Road blocks

Road blocks on the single track roads are inevitable on the island. They are not permanent and weigh about 1500 lbs so are not easy to move. Patience is therefore a virtue. Highland coos very much own parts of the island and wander amiably at will, taking little account of cars or man. The lady in the photograph was heavily pregnant yet moved with graceful ease despite her condition. Rather than get impatient it is easier to wait and maybe get the camera out. The highland cow is one of the mainstays of the farming economy here. Recently at Oban market a bull bred on the island was sold for a record 10,000 guineas. They are raised for beef, the meat is on the lean side, this due to their double coat which means they grow less fat to keep warm. The outer coat keeps the rain off and the undercoat acts as an insulating layer. The Highland cow makes a good mother, very rarely are calves abandoned as their mother has a high survival instinct for herself and offspring and able to survive out of doors in extreme weather conditions experienced in the Scottish Highlands.


  1. For a moment I thought cows were payed in pints or bottles of a dark Irish beer, but thanks to wikipedia I now know that guineas has nothing to do with guinness. I learn every day :-)

  2. I have fond (hilarious) memories of my big sis moving such a road block on Mull ten years ago. the road block showed a clean pair of heels once Jax told it where to go.


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