Thursday, 3 May 2012

Waterfalls, Sheep and a Bull

 On a beautiful sunny day we played at being tourists on our own island and packed a picnic. Our destination was Torloisk on the north west coast along our favourite road on the northern shores of the lochs Na Keal and Tuath.
The first stop was to explore the Eas Fors waterfalls. The burn that generates the waterfalls drops down the mountainside with some force. Rock strewn cataracts break the flow at two levels, one above the road bridge and one below. The final spectacular drop in over the cliff edge to the beach about a hundred feet below! It is a frustrating falls to photograph, as there is no access to the beach for an upward looking shot. Then we decided to stretch our legs and walked along the road to Kilbrennan watched by inquisitive ewes with their new lambs, and a number of deer happily grazing in the sunlit fields.

For our picnic we decided to drive on a short way, leave the Land Rover in an old quarry and walk to a secluded beach known at Traigh na Cille. This was a good idea, as on the way we found strawberry plants for sale at a roadside stand complete with honesty box. So we put our money in the box and the plants in the Land Rover.

Our plan to walk to the beach was changed by a large black highland bull guarding the track to the beach! Now we both know that Highland bulls are not normally aggressive but discretion was deemed to be better than valour, so we retreated carefully and found a sunlit wooded glade at the start of the track for our picnic.
As we finished our food there was a rustling sound just above us. Lo and behold one inquisitive black bull, he had decided that if we did not want to see him
he would come to us!

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