Wednesday, 18 April 2012

An Evening at the Theatre

The island may not have theme parks, trendy pubs or funfairs but is well known for its wildlife and scenery. What may not be so well known is the Mull Theatre at Druimfin, near Tobermory. So what could be better than the scenic drive from home along the Sound of Mull in the evening sunshine to the theatre? It is housed in a new building that nestles in a wooded valley just off the main road into town. We were going to see Andy Cannon in a production called Scota-land. Andy wrote, directed and was the storyteller. The production was not on a stage but in a fictitious island museum where we, the audience, sat on chairs, lounged on exhibits, the children attending sitting at the storyteller’s feet, all in fact part of the play. The props were believable as was the story that I will not spoil by relating. An excellent evening’s entertainment and as it was a preview before going on tour it was free!
Mull Theatre, surprisingly, is rated as one of Scotland’s busiest and most successful theatre companies, producing a mixture of drama, new work, revivals, children’s theatre, contemporary and classic Scottish and international plays. The Theatre Company has already created several new productions and hosted around sixty performances by theatre and dance companies from around the world. Though the theatre has conventional tiered seating and a stage, it can be configured for other settings. Last summer we spent an evening watching a play that used acrobats and high wire work, some of it in the open air on the theatre forecourt complete with midges! We are booked for more visits during the coming season and while they won’t free again, the bar is help yourself and make a donation!!! Seriously, I’m sure they make far more profit this way and is all part of the lovely relaxed but professional attitude.
The theatre have a good website so if you want to know more about the theatre, or the production “Scota-land” that we attended go to for more information.

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