Thursday, 1 March 2012

Good Neighbours

Whilst Jerusalem Artichokes are not every ones ideal vegetable I like them. So in spite of the risk of"windy" side effects, I was delighted when a neighbour called by with a couple of handfuls of the tubers. They are tasty sliced raw on salads and also when baked. We did not eat them all as some are to be planted, not only for eating but because they also make an interesting colourful display in the garden.

After it became known that the deer had chomped their way through our daffodils and crocus plants, we arrived home one afternoon to find a large box of snowdrops all ready to plant out. No note with them, but eventually it transpired that they had been left by yet another kind neighbour. Our battle with deer continues. We now have temporary sides fitted to our cattle grid to stop the blighters jumping the over the side of the grid so now they are searching for and finding ways through the boundary hedges, sadly we are still losing plants!

Now the local estate are taking matters in their own hands as the deer which have not been culled for a number of years are becoming a major problem not only to us but to many other homeowners in the district; so a cull is to be done and instead of wrecking gardens the culprits will end up in our freezers! It is sad but inevitable that culling has to help maintain the balance of nature, but hungry deer are not happy deer.

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  1. And here's me moaning about my mole problem! At least that's just heaps of earth everywhere. I doubt culled mole is as delicious as culled deer though so I'll just have to put up with them. Enjoy your venison and (f)artichokes!


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